Can I find out about forthcoming exhibitions?

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Am I permitted to take photographs or sketch/draw in the special exhibitions?

In special exhibitions, taking photographs is not permitted.

Sketching is permitted in special exhibitions.


Does the museum continue to purchase works?


Naturally, purchases cannot be made with the same intensity as they were a few years or decades ago, due to the enormously increased prices of objects on the art market. Nevertheless, we constantly endeavour to expand the collection with important exhibits. Here, civil and municipal commitment go hand in hand. Time and again since its founding, the collection in the Liebieghaus has received outstanding donations and bequests from private benefactors.

You can view the latest acquisitions here.

How can I find out whether a certain work is currently on exhibit?

As we have some three thousand sculptures in our holdings, we naturally can only present a selection of our works at any given time. Therefore, it is entirely possible that you do not find a certain work on exhibit during your visit, even when it can be found on our website. If your visit to the Liebieghaus sculpture collection is for the purpose of seeing a particular work, we’ll be happy to inform you in advance whether it is on display. Send us your message using our contact form.

Wo finde ich Abbildungen von einem bestimmten Werk der Sammlung?

Falls Sie Abbildungen von Kunstwerken und Reproduktionsrechte erwerben möchten, wenden Sie sich hierzu bitte an unsere Bildagentur Artothek Sie ist für die Lieferung von digitalen Dateien und Ektachromen zuständig und bietet Recherchemöglichkeiten in einer Bilddatenbank.

Guided tours

Are there regular guided tours of the permanent collection?


You can search directly for the scheduled tours using the events/calendar function. There are also Sunday and evening guided tours on special topics. More

If you would like a private tour, please have a look here.

Are there guided tours of the special exhibitions?


You can find the dates here.

Do I have to register for a guided tour?


Registration is not necessary.

However, registration by telephone +49 (0)69-605098-200 or mail buchungen[at] is necessary for the special guided tours “Kunstgenuss” (Art Enjoyment) as well as the “Liebieghaus Positions”.

Where is the meeting point for guided tours?

The meeting and starting point for guided tours is the main entrance hall of the Liebieghaus.

Audio guide

Are there different audio guides?

There are audio tours in German and English. There is also an audio tour available for children. More

Where can I get the guide and how much does it cost?

The audio guides are available at the main reception desk of the Liebieghaus and cost 4 Euro a piece (7 Euro/two pieces) .

The Museum


Am I permitted to sketch/draw in the exhibition rooms?


However, you may use only dry media such as coloured or lead pencils.

You’ve lost something? Here’s who to contact …

Please contact the main reception desk in the Liebieghaus entrance hall directly. You can reach us by telephone at +49 (0)69-650049-128.

Is there a café nearby?


The Café im Liebieghaus is an inviting place to relax a little before or after visiting the museum, enjoy the special ambience and the outstanding homemade cake.

Is there a library?


The Liebieghaus does not have its own library. Nevertheless, in the café, you have the opportunity to look at Liebieghaus publications and read them on the premises. There is also a special reading area within the museum.

House rules

About the museum

Who founded the museum?

Georg Swarzenski (1876–1957), founding director of the Städel and the Städtische Galerie (Municipal Gallery) is among the figures who have shaped museum life in Frankfurt am Main and the Liebieghaus in particular. The concept of the Städtische Galerie and its division into the four areas of contemporary art, art of Frankfurt, sculpture collection and cast collection is to be attributed exclusively to Swarzenski. This year, the director of the Städel will also be appointed foundation director of the Städtische Galerie and consequently director of the Liebieghaus as well. More

Who was the architect of the museum?

Leonhard Romeis (1854–1904), a famous architect of the late nineteenth century, realized one of the most beautiful and magnificent private buildings of the Wilhelminian era when he built the villa for the Baron von Liebieg between 1892 and 1896. Influenced by numerous study trips, but also by the buildings of his native Franconian region, he united...More

What I should know before I visit the Liebieghaus


How do I get to the Liebieghaus?

If you are using public transportation

‘U’-Bahn (underground train) nos. U 1, 2 or 3 to “Schweizer Platz”, Tram no. 15 or 16 to “Otto-Hahn-Platz” or Bus no. 46 to “Städel”

Are there parking areas nearby?


Please note that the Liebieghaus has no parking areas of its own.

Is there a parking area for buses nearby?


There is no parking area available for buses.


Who can visit the museum free of charge?

The following people can visit the museum free of charge:

students of the Städelschule (Städel School), members of the administration and the board of trustees, members of the Museums-Verein (society of friends of the museum), members of the kunstgeschichtliches und archäologisches Institut (Art Historical and Archaeological Institute) of the University of Frankfurt, children under 12 years of age, members of the KinderKunstKlub (Children’s Art Club) of the Liebieghaus, Schirn and Städel museums

Who pays a reduced admission fee?

On presentation of identification, the following persons pay a reduced admission fee:

severely disabled persons (80%), school pupils / students, vocational trainees/apprentices, unemployed persons, pensioners age 65 and older, “Frankfurt Pass” holders

What exhibitions are included in the admission fee?

The admission fee admits the visitor to both the special exhibition(s) and the permanent collection.

Can I pay the admission fee by EC or credit card?


EC, VISA and MasterCard are accepted.

Can I buy tickets online in advance?

Get your ticket at

Am I permitted to leave the museum and go back in again using the same ticket?


You are entitled to leave the museum – e.g. to relax in the Café im Liebieghaus or simply to catch some fresh air in the villa’s garden – and return to the collection on the same day. Please simply approach the staff on duty in the entrance area.


When is the museum closed?

The Liebieghaus is closed on Mondays.

Is the museum open on public holidays?


Here you can find the opening hours on public holidays.

When is the museum open later in the evening?

The museum is open to the public on Thursdays until 9:00 pm.

When is the museum open?

You will find our Opening Hours here.


Do I have to pay a charge for the cloakroom in the museum?


The use of the cloakroom is free of charge.

May I deposit luggage in the cloakroom?


However, we would like to ask you not to bring large amounts of luggage into the museum; instead, where necessary, please use the lockers in the train station or take the luggage to your hotel first.

Is there a separate cloakroom for school classes?


School pupils use the general cloakroom as well.

What am I permitted to take into the exhibition rooms, and what do I have to deposit in the cloakroom?

Deposit: Bags larger than A4 size, umbrellas, jackets/coats, drinks, food

Take with you: Smaller bags, jackets (which you are wearing), cameras, paper and pens, prams, transparent bags

Information for diabled people

Is the Liebieghaus suitable for wheelchairs?


The old Liebig Villa is not completely barrier-free, unfortunately, due to the historical and protected fabric of the building. A ramp leads into the main entrance hall, and parts of the museum are accessible without hindrance.

Information for families

What is on offer for families?

There are offers especially for families, such as guided family tours, guided children’s tours and a Family Sunday once a month. More

In addition, there are a number of offers which can be booked in advance, such as guided tours with workshops. More

What offers are there especially for children in the museum?

There are special museum education formats for children, e.g. guided children’s tours, “Children Guide Children” and SaTOURday, which are all included in the admission fee. Children can also participate in these events without their parents. More

In addition, there are offers which can be booked in advance such as atelier courses, children’s birthdays and holiday courses. More

May I take a pram into the exhibition with me?


Please be aware, however, that the Liebieghaus is not barrier-free.

Informations for groups, teachers and school classes

What are the prices for groups?

Admission fees for groups of 20 and more persons: 5 Euro per person, Admission fees for student and school groups with a tutor or teacher: 2 Euro per person

You can obtain information on prices for guided group tours by calling the following telephone number: +49 (0)69-650049-110, or sending us an e-mail via the contact form.

Where can I register a group?

You can register your group by calling the following telephone number: +49 (0)69-605098-200.

Are groups permitted to conduct their own guided tours?


We would like to ask you, however, to register yourself and your group in advance by calling the following telephone number: +49 (0)69-605098-200.

Is there special teaching material for teachers?

You can obtain information about the exhibitions and the collection at the teacher training courses. We will be happy to add you to our e-mail distribution list and inform you of the course dates.

Contact form 


Is there a separate cloakroom for groups?


Please use the general cloakroom.

How should groups and school classes behave in the museum?

Please consult our museum etiquette for groups and schools.


Society for the patronage of the arts

Society for the patronage of the arts

What is the Förderverein?

The Städelscher Museums-Verein has been supporting the museum work since 1899 and carries on Frankfurt’s long tradition of civil art patronage.Today this society boasts a membership of more than 7,200 friends of the arts: private citizens from all over the region, companies, and representatives of business, culture and the media.As the society of friends of the Städel Museum and Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung, the Verein is dedicated to the material and non-material support of both museums. It has set itself the primary goal of enriching the collections through the purchase of artworks. Membership fees and donations have made the acquisition of a large number of important artworks possible – objects dating from the Middle Ages to the present, for the painting gallery, the Department of Prints and Drawings and the Liebieghaus. The society moreover supports the preparation of scholarly inventory catalogues, their production and the restoration of artworks.

How can I become a member of the Museums-Verein?

You can obtain the registration form for the Städelscher Museums-Verein here.

What are my advantages as a member?

As a member of the Städelscher Museums-Verein (registered association), you enjoy many benefits in the Städel Museum and the Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung:

• free admission to the permanent and all special exhibitions

• up-to-date information on events and programmes

• exclusive preview events, exhibition openings

• Members’ Day

• special guided tours and seminars with members of the curatorial staff

• lectures

• art excursions – one-day to several-day trips

What is the Städelclub?

With a diversified programme ranging from the Old Masters to the present, the Städelclub of the Museums-Verein offers members under the age of 40 a direct line to art. For everyone who enjoys taking an active approach to art appreciation, making new contacts and discovering the art scene in and around Frankfurt…

Club members have the following benefits:

• free admission to the collections of the Städel Museum, the Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung and all special exhibitions in both museums

• e-mail newsletter with invitations and information on Städel and club events

• free participation in club events in the Städel Museum and the Liebieghaus

• free admission to the public museums in Kassel

You’ll find the registration form here.


Ich möchte dem Museum ein Werk oder einen Teil meiner Sammlung vermachen, an wen kann ich mich vetrauensvoll wenden?

Bitte wenden Sie sich mit solchen Anfragen zunächst an Frau Hammer unter hammer[at]
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