Altar of the Assumption of the Virgin

Andrea della Robbia, "Madonna della Cintola", Florence, ca. 1500

Apollo Belvedere

Pier Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi known as Antico, Apollo  Belvedere, Mantua, 1497/98

Ariadne on the Panther

Johann Heinrich von Dannecker, Ariadne on the Panther, Stuttgart, 1803-1814

Crucifixion Altar

Master of the Rimini Altar, Crucifixion Altar, Southern Netherlands or Northern France, ca.  1430

Head of Buddha from Thailand

Head of Buddha from Thailand, Thailand, after 1400

Holy Trinity

Hans Multscher, Holy Trinity, Ulm, ca.1430

Maria Immaculata

Matthias Steinl, Maria Immaculata, Vienna, 1688

Mummy Portrait of a Girl

Mummy Portrait of a Girl, Roman Egypt, 120-150

Myron’s Athena

Myron's Athena, Roman replica of a bronze group of ca. 450 BC, Rühl&Bormann

Relief from the Funerary Temple of King Sahure

Relief from the Funerary Temple of King Sahure, Egypt, 2471-2458 BC
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