Hans Bilger (Documented 1475–1496 - )

St Augustine (?)

Hans Bilger, St Augustine (?), Worms, 1489-1496
Hans Bilger, St Augustine (?), Worms, 1489-1496

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Hans Bilger

Documented 1475–1496 -

None of the works by Hans von Worms – otherwise known as Hans Bilger – that are mentioned in the sources have survived. Beginning in the mid 1470s, he executed several altarpieces for the Weissfrauenkirche and the Bernhardskapelle in Frankfurt am Main, the Abteikirche in Kirschgarten, near Worms, and the Justinuskirche in Höchst. From 1489 to 1496 he worked on the altar for the Stiftskirche in Aschaffenburg, which was replaced in 1770. The busts of the four Church Fathers in the Liebieghaus collection provenly come from the predella of this altar, where they were inserted in niches. Their animated, spatial and uncommonly lively and realistic rendering may indicate that Bilger was a student of Niclaus Gerhaert van Leyden, who was active in Strasbourg.

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