Andrea della Robbia (1453 - 1525)

Altar of the Assumption of the Virgin

Andrea della Robbia, "Madonna della Cintola", Florence, ca. 1500
Andrea della Robbia, "Madonna della Cintola", Florence, ca. 1500

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Andrea della Robbia

1453 - 1525

He trained in the workshop of his uncle, Luca della Robbia. The latter’s influence is evident in his earlier works, which cannot as yet be attributed to him with certainty. One of his first independent works is a triptych showing the Coronation of the Virgin, executed for SS. Fiora e Lucilla in Monte Amiata. In 1470 Andrea took over Luca’s workshop. Under his management, the production of glazed terracotta works expanded rapidly and was much copied (by Benedetto da Maiano and Andrea Sansovino, amongst others). In addition to altar works and reliefs, the workshop produced decorations for churches, architectural elements, vases and mirrors. Compared with his uncle’s works, Andrea’s appear more complex and ornamental, characterized by expressive figures and compositions. In the 1490s della Robbia became a follower of Savonarola, whose ideas were visibly embodied in his figures and reliefs of this period. Calm, simple forms and compositions distinguish his late work.

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