Pierre Legros the Younger (1666 - 1719)

Saint Deacon

Pierre Legros, Saint Deacon, Rome, ca. 1700
Pierre Legros, Saint Deacon, Rome, ca. 1700

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Pierre Legros the Younger

1666 - 1719

Legros was apprenticed to his father and to Jean Lepautre. From 1690 to 1695 he was at the Académie de France in Rome on scholarship. In 1695 he was expelled from the Académie when he complied with Jesuit architect Andrea Pozzo’s request to collaborate on the altar for the Ignatius chapel in the church of the Gesù in Rome. In 1697/98 he executed the Apotheosis of Saint Ignatius of Loyola for the same church. Numerous commissions from ecclesiastical (often Jesuit) and private patrons followed, and at the beginning of the eighteenth century Legros was running the most successful sculptor’s workshop in Rome since Bernini. In 1714 he retuned to Paris for a short time, but was back in Rome in 1715. In addition to large religious sculptural works and temporary festival decorations, Legros also executed small-scale sculptures in marble and bronze, which, like his bozzetti, were much sought after by collectors in the eighteenth century.
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