Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer (1696 - 1770)


Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer, Cruzifix, Constance, ca. 1750
Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer, Cruzifix, Constance, ca. 1750

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Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer

1696 - 1770

Feuchtmayer came from a family of stucco plasterers and sculptors in Wessobrunn. He probably received his initial training from his father, perhaps before going on to study at the Augsburg Art Academy. Among his earliest works are putti, a crucifix and the choir stalls for the church at Weingarten Abbey. From 1721 onward, his father lived in Immenhausen, very near the Cistercian abbey of Salem. After his father’s death in 1718, Feuchtmayer took over his workshop. He received the majority of his commissions from large Swabian monasteries. Among his most famous works are the decoration of the Pilgrimage Church in Birnau, the Palace Chapel on Mainau Island and Salem Cathedral, as well as the Sibyls adorning the stairs of Kisslegg Castle.
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