Franz Ignaz Günther (1725 - 1775)

Adoring Angel

Ignaz Günther, Adoring Angel, Munich, ca. 1770
Ignaz Günther, Adoring Angel, Munich, ca. 1770

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Franz Ignaz Günther

1725 - 1775

Günther’s first training was with his father. In 1743, at the age of eighteen, he entered the workshop of Munich court sculptor Johann Baptist Straub as an apprentice, and remained there until 1750. In 1751/52 he worked in Mannheim for a short time for Johann Paul Egell, sculptor to the court of the electors of the Palatinate, before arriving in Vienna in May 1753 by way of Bohemia and Moravia. He attended the Vienna Academy and obtained the “erste Premium in der Bildhauerei” (first prize in sculpture). In 1753 he settled in Munich permanently, was appointed “hofbefreite” sculptor (sculptor with a privileged civil status) in 1754, and next to Straub was the most important sculptor in Bavaria. Among his most well-known works are the altar decoration of the church in Rott am Inn (1760–1762), the processional litter groups in Weyarn (1764), and the so-called Nenninger Pietà.
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