The Liebieghaus’s medieval collection comprises choice works of European sculpture from a period spanning some eight hundred years. The oldest, two Carolingian ivory reliefs, date from the ninth century. The chief focus, however, lies on the Late Gothic sculptural art of the fourteenth to the early sixteenth centuries.

Geographically, the countries north of the Alps dominate here – especially Germany, France and the Netherlands with such artists as Tilman Riemenschneider, Hans Multscher, Niclaus Gerhaert von Leyden and Michel Erhart. Italian sculpture is represented primarily by select works of the twelfth to fourteenth centuries, e.g. the tomb figures by Tino di Camaino. Since politics, everyday life and religion were inextricably intertwined in the Middle Ages, the objects on view are almost exclusively of Christian subject matter and originally served to adorn church interiors or aid private devotions.

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