1. Current Exhibition

    Holy Night


    The Christmas Story and Its Imagery

  2. Permanent Exhibition

    Open Depot

    The diversity of the Liebieghaus at a glance

  1. Opening Hours

  2. How to get here

  3. Holy Night

    Well prepared for the exhibition

    Take the digitorial before you come to the exhibition ‒ as a well-informed visitor you’ll enjoy the show all the more!

  4. Exhibition film

    Holy Night

    The Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung illuminates one of the most well-known stories of Christian culture: the Christmas story.

  5. Individual, exclusive and inspiring

    Guided tours

    We cordially invite you to acquaint yourself with our wide-ranging offers in various languages for children and adults, school classes, clubs, associations or company groups – and make every museum visit unique.

  6. Take an art break

    The Liebieghaus Café

    Enjoy the atmosphere of the Liebieghaus’s idyllic café with its selection of home-made cakes and coffee specialities.

  7. Research & Journal

    The renovated conservation workshop

    Harald Theiss, head of our sculpture conservation, has brought the hidden history of the Villa Liebieg’s onetime “farmhouse parlour” to light.