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    The Triumph of Imagery

  2. Permanent Exhibition

    Open Depot

    The diversity of the Liebieghaus at a glance

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  2. How to get here

  3. Collection

    Studioli & Open Depot

    On Sundays and holidays, unusual insights into the Liebieghaus await you outside the collection rooms.

  4. Research & Journal

    Research at the Liebieghaus

    In addition to the collection and preservation of artworks and our museum education activities, research is a special emphasis of our work at the Liebieghaus.

  5. Research & Journal

    The renovated conservation workshop

    Harald Theiss, head of sculpture conservation at the Liebieghaus, has brought the hidden history of the Villa Liebieg’s onetime “farmhouse parlour” to light.

  6. Individual, exclusive and inspiring

    Guided tours

    We cordially invite you to acquaint yourself with our wide-ranging offers in various languages for children and adults, school classes, clubs, associations or company groups – and make every museum visit unique.

  7. Conservation

    At Close Range

    A filmic look behind the scenes of our conservation workshop.