1. Current Exhibition

    Between definite and dubious


    Sculptures and Their Histories

    Acquired 1933–1945

  2. Permanent Exhibition


    Frankfurt’s favorites
  3. Permanent Exhibition


    Distant times close up
  4. Permanent Exhibition

    Be amazed!

    By 5.000 years of history
  5. Permanent Exhibition


    Sculptures from all angle
  1. Opened today

    10.00 am to 6.00 pm

  2. How to get here

  3. Between definite and dubious

    Well prepared for the exhibition

    Take the digitorial before you come to the exhibition – as a well-informed visitor you'll enjoy the show all the more!

  4. Conservation

    At Close Range

    A filmic look behind the scenes of our conservation workshop.

  5. Take an art break

    The Liebieghaus Café

    Enjoy the atmosphere of the Liebieghaus’s idyllic café with its selection of home-made cakes and coffee specialities.

  6. Research & Journal

    Cosmopolitans based in Frankfurt

    The exhibition “Gods in Color” presented at the Liebieghaus in 2008 has meanwhile been touring the world for more than ten years. Some insights into the history of the successful show and the research on polychromy.

  7. Individual, exclusive and inspiring

    Guided tours

    We cordially invite you to acquaint yourself with our wide-ranging offers in various languages for children and adults, school classes, clubs, associations or company groups – and make every museum visit unique.