Medea’s Love


and the Quest for the Golden Fleece

About the Exhibition

To coincide with Georgia being this year’s Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung presents the exhibition “Medea’s Love and the Quest for the Golden Fleece”. Featuring several important loans from the Georgian National Museum, the show tells the story of one of the greatest myths of the ancient world: the story of the Greek prince Jason, who embarks on a superhuman quest with a band of heroes – the Argonauts. A perilous voyage (the Voyage of the Argonauts) takes them to the land of Colchis – on the western coast of present-day Georgia. Here the heroes have to capture the Golden Fleece and return with it to Greece. This virtually impossible task – for the fleece is guarded by a dragon – only becomes surmountable through the love of a great woman. Medea, daughter of the King of Colchis and a talented sorceress, falls in love with Jason and reveals secrets that allow him to steal the Golden Fleece.

The exhibition invites visitors to the Liebieghaus to set sail with the Argonauts on an exciting journey that vividly brings each facet of the myth to life, through ancient images preserved on Greek and Etruscan vases, in Roman wall paintings and Greek and Roman sculptures. At the end of the journey through the Liebieghaus, the visitors themselves are brought face to face with a marvellous gold treasure: a display of Bronze-Age weapons, vessels and jewellery of extraordinary beauty that all bear witness to Georgia’s early richness in gold, around which the legend is woven.

Illustration: Campana relief: buidling of the Argo (detail), Roman, Porta Latina, 1st century (?), Photo: © The Trustees of the British Museum