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On every first sunday in a month there is a guided tour in german language in the open depot. (Sonntagsführung)

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Open Depot

In the newly furnished showrooms of the Liebieghaus, which were reopened to the public in March 2008, only parts of the museum’s precious holdings are on view. Numerous interesting and outstanding works from all areas of the collection still lie dormant in our storage facilities: a hidden treasure that is to be lifted one day, but which nevertheless will now be made accessible to interested visitors – at least partly. A walk-in display depot is being installed in the central rooms in the basement of the old gallery wing. Located directly under the rooms of medieval art, it is conveniently reachable and will accommodate a concise selection of numerous objects from all periods represented in our collection. Thus, hitherto unknown views will open up to our visitors, who will gain new insights into the museum’s rich holdings.

Curator: Prof. Dr. Vinzenz Brinkmann, Dr. Maraike Bückling, Dr. Stefan Roller (Project Manager)

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