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    Polychromy in Antiquity

  4. on view

    Gods in Color

    Polychromy in Antiquity

    Extended until 09/26/2021

  5. on view

    White Wedding

    The Reiner Winkler
    Ivory Collection
    at the Liebieghaus

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    Distant times close up
  1. Closed today

  2. Temporarily closed

    The Liebieghaus will be closed prospectively until and including 18 April 2021. The Liebieghaus is thus observing the official precautionary measures to contain the corona pandemic. All online-events will take place digitally as planned.


    The exhibition film

    Delve deep into a colorful and golden antiquity with our exhibition film.

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  5. Research & Journal

    The Collector Reiner Winkler

    When the rich and widely diverse collection of Reiner Winkler entered the Liebieghaus holdings, it introduced a new foundation to the museum’s “Renaissance to Neoclassicism” department and, thanks to the collector’s generosity, a whole new collection focus: ivory sculpture of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

  6. Research & Journal

    Looking back on 40 years of research

    “GODS IN COLOR: GOLDEN EDITION. Polychromy in Antiquity” – On the occasion of the exhibition opening, Prof. Dr. Vinzenz Brinkmann looks back on his research work

  7. True to Life.

    Veristic Sculpture and the Engineering of Illusion

    Experience in our exhibition film “True to Life. Veristic Sculpture and the Engineering of Illusion” mesmerizing insights into the tradition of (hyper)realistic sculpture.