A Special Guest Appearance
at the Liebieghaus

This year the Eintracht Frankfurt sports club is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Likewise in 2024, Germany is hosting the European men’s football championship, and a number of the games are taking place in the Frankfurt stadium. In honour of the occasion, and on the initiative of the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum, many of the city’s museums are displaying the most important trophies in the club’s history.

The example on view here went to the Eintracht Frankfurt women’s football team (formerly the 1. FFC Frankfurt). Prevailing against the Parisian team Paris Saint-Germain by 2 : 1 on 14 May 2015, the team won the UEFA Women’s Champions League—Europe’s premier women’s football competition.

In ancient Greece, athletic contests played an important role in society. Regularly recurring sporting events were introduced as far back as the eighth century BC, and (professional) athletes trained for them in facilities designed especially for that purpose: gymnasiums. Team sports were unusual, however; the focus was on individual disciplines such as running, wrestling, and discus throwing. The winners of the Athens games received decorative clay vessels (so-called Panathenaic prize amphorae) filled with olive oil. To this day, many trophies are still modelled on ancient Greek vases.